Sam’s Design Center

The latest addition to the Sam’s Club corporate campus is a state-of-the-art building designed to foster innovation, collaboration, and creativity among Sam’s Club Associates. This ground-up structure boasts a range of amenities aimed at bringing individuals together to create, collaborate, and design in a dynamic environment.

Spanning across 37,890 square feet, the center comprises a mezzanine occupying 5,405 square feet and a spacious 32,485-square-foot first floor. This layout is strategically crafted to encourage interaction and brainstorming among teams.

The building utilizes insulated concrete wall panels and a curtain wall system with a striking multi-colored blue glass front. Integrated seamlessly into the Sam’s Club home office complex, the design features complementary brickwork and curved concrete walls, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

At the heart of this new facility are multiple collaboration areas, each equipped with distinctive features aimed at igniting creativity and encouraging team synergy. This building design is dedicated to creating an environment that stimulates innovation and fosters a culture of collaboration within Sam’s Club corporate campus.  Multiple conference rooms, a welcoming lobby, an expansive workshop, and brainstorming niches are thoughtfully incorporated. The interiors are designed to radiate warmth, offering inviting spaces tailored for collaboration. Each area is uniquely designed to maximize creativity and teamwork, fostering an environment conducive to innovation.

Office Building | 37,890 sq.ft. | 2024 Completion

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