First State Bank

The First State Bank building spans 6,119 square feet, signifying the bank’s expansion into Northwest Arkansas. The building is an anchor to the bustling Industrial Drive Complex in Fayetteville, AR.

Strategically situated adjacent to the thriving Skull Creek Corridor, First State Bank offers more than just banking services. Embracing the surrounding environment, our bank backs up to the Scull Creek Trail—an integral part of Fayetteville’s trail system. The Scull Creek Trail is considered the backbone of the city’s trail system. Its central location and interconnected pathways make it a gateway to the vibrant offerings of Fayetteville.

At the core of our architectural design, a modern facade stands as a testament to First State Bank’s commitment to seamlessly integrating within the fabric of the Fayetteville community. Upon stepping inside, customers are welcomed by an expansive lobby meticulously crafted to ensure a warm, inviting, and convenient banking experience.

Bank Building | 6,119 sq.ft. | 2023 completion


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